Broussard Distribution Center

About The Facility

Titan’s distribution centers are strategically located in areas of major oil and gas fields and shale plays and maintain appropriate inventory to ensure the right product is available at the right time.

Customer service is a critical component at each distribution center where a priority is placed on working with the customer to identify the correct products for the job. Titan continues to expand its distribution center and manufacturing footprint internationally.

Products / Services / Facility Capabilities

Titan (Distribution Centre)
Wireline Hardware and Accessories / Logging Instruments / Perforating Guns, Setting Tools and Hardware / TCP Firing Heads and Hardware / Energetics / Wireline Selective Firing Systems
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Facility Details

Broussard Distribution Center
204 Lafferty Drive

Louisiana 70518
Toll Free: (866) 848-2610
Phone: (337) 837-1135
Fax: (337) 837-1137

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Facility Size

59925 ft2