Fryeburg (Dearborn Drive)

About The Facility

Our primary facility in Fryeburg, Maine, has more than 140,000 square feet of climate controlled manufacturing space and a workforce of more than 250 highly skilled manufacturing professionals. 

By investing in the latest technology and modern equipment, we effectively provide the capacity needed to manufacture large production orders. In addition, our engineering services support concurrent engineering, process development and machining of prototypes for select customer projects.

Facility Certification

ISO 9001:2015
• AS9100:D 
• ISO 14001:2015

Products / Services / Facility Capabilities

Oil & Gas / Aerospace / Power Generation / Deep Hole Drilling / Precision Machining
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Drilling I.D. Capabilities:
On center holes, off center holes angle holes, blind holes, bottle boring

Gun Drilling:
ID Size: .055 inch up to 2 inches, lengths up to 32 feet                    
Trepanning: ID Size: 2.00 inch up to 13.875 inches, lengths up to 32 feet           
ID Size: ½ inch up 14 inches, lengths 6 inch up 360 inches

ID Size: up to 12 inches, lengths up to 30 feet, surface finish from 8 – 32 Ra
On center holes, off center holes angle holes, blind holes, bottle boring machining

Finish Machining Capabilities:
CNC Turning:
Diameters up to 40 inches, lengths up to 360 inches.

CNC Milling:
Vertical/horizontal up to 30 inch x 30 inch, exceeding lengths of 360 inches.
4 axis CNC Mills with head tilt capabilities.
Diameters up to 40 inches, lengths up to 177 inches.

EDM – Sinker:
Internal and external geometries

CNC Mill/Turn Centers:
5 axis mill and turn capabilities.
Diameters up to 30 inches, lengths up to 177 inches.

CNC Cylindrical Grinding:
Diameters up to 24 inches, lengths up to 10 feet.

Center less Grinding:
Thru feed 1 inch up to 5 inch diameters, lengths up to 20 feet.

Spline & Gear Machining:
Shaping, Hobbing and Grinding  
Shape ID/OD up to 10 inch pitch diameters, lengths up to 6 inches.
Hob OD up to 16 inch diameters, lengths up to 56 inches.
CNC grinding OD up to 30 inch diameters, lengths to up 130 inches
CNC spline grinding – splines, modified splines and gears, up to 19 inch diameters, lengths up to 110 inches.

Materials we machine:
HDI has experience machining virtually all Non-mag, corrosion resistant and HPHT stainless alloys available today. Alloys – duplex chrome, 925, 718, MP35N, Hastelloy, Toughmet, Ti Beta-C, 6al4V Titanium, 17-4PH.

Inspection Services:
CMM Inspection - Zeiss equipment lengths to 165 inches
Precision Dynamic Shaft Balancing - shafts to lengths of 10 feet.
Gear Metrology

Magnetic particle inspection - up to 1,500 pounds, 6,000 amp 16 inch coil, lengths to 100 inches
Ultrasonic Tube Inspection
Helium Leak Check
FPI/LPI Dye Penetrant Inspection

Surface Treatments:
Black oxide coating – diameters 30" x 30" x 60"
Shot peening - diameters to 16 inches, lengths to 32 feet
ID Roller Burnishing
Thread Root Rolling
Weld Cladding – Hard Facing

Tooling Capabilities:
Equipped with a world class tool-making department, our innovative and talented tooling engineers are continuously in motion designing and building our own specialized tooling and fixtures. Our in-house tool making capabilities enable Dearborn to handle unique part configurations and challenging feature geometries that cannot be reliably produced with off-the-shelf tooling.

Programming Capabilities:
Our CNC programmers are equipped with the very latest solid modeling software available, and can work with most customer-supplied file formats. We are pleased to work with our customers on concurrent engineering and design for cost-efficient projects.

Quality is engineered into everything we do. With more than six decades of experiences in serving the Aerospace, Nuclear, Defense and Energy industries, Dearborn’s quality system comply with the most stringent requirements of these highly demanding industries. From initial planning to final shipment, we do everything possible to provide you, our customer, with the highest level of quality in the industry. Dearborn, Inc. is proud to be a Nadcap accredited, ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified company.

Customer Service
Consider Dearborn as your very own production team. From your initial RFQ, right through the manufacturing process, our Sales, Engineering and Production staff work for your success. We strive to provide you with the timely, complete and accurate responses you need to run your business. Our knowledgeable customer service professionals enthusiastically champion your work to make sure we deliver on our commitments. We believe the key to our success is to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. Our strength is in delivering on our word.

Facility Details

Dearborn Division
6 Dearborn Drive
Maine 04037
Phone: 207.935.2171
Fax: 207.935.2908

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Facility Size

2130084 ft2