Wuxi City

About The Facility

Hunting's Wuxi facility in China manfactures Hunting Seal Lock connections and Accessories. With a manufacturing facility of over 100,000 square feet, Batam's threading capacity is 100,000 MT of casing & tubing per year.

Hunting's business continues to grow and focuses on product pull through to all our global regions with the creation of sales support of Titan Perforating Guns and Accessories.

Facility Certification

API Spec 5CT
API Spec Q1
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018



Products / Services / Facility Capabilities

Connection Technology (Sales & Manufacture)
Threading services of all Connection Technology / API Connection for OCTG industry / Production capacity is 100,000 M/Ton per year
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OCTG (Sales & Manufacture)
Tubing and Casing / Threaded Accessories / Size range OD 2-3/8'' to 20''.
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Titan (Sales & Manufacture)
Carrier and Tube Charge with 30,000 M/Ton per year / Size range OD 1-9/16'' to 6-5/8'' pipe.
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Facility Details

Hunting Energy Services(Wuxi) Co. Ltd
Lot No.48, Phase 5
(Western of Dong An Road, Northern of Yu An Road)
Shu Fang Industrial Park

New District Wuxi City 214142
Jiangsu Province
People’s Republic of China
Phone: (86) 510 8119 0028
Fax: (86) 510 8119 0038

Products & Services

Connection Technology
Hunting Titan

Facility Size

323000 ft2