TKC 4040 HOI

The TKC 4040 HO (Convertible Ring) and HOI (Integral Ring) are non-upset threaded and coupled connections that combine our "4040 thread form" with our patented TKC center ring, to create an internally flush bore and axial metal-to-metal seal connection.

The TKC 4040 HO and HOI are designed specifically for "Heavy Oil" applications, providing high torque and multiple make and break capabilities on non-upset connections.

With high torque make-up and internal flush bore, the TKC 4040 HO and HOI prevent "back-off" and keep sandy oil production out of the threads during oil production.

The TKC 4040 HO and HOI are the ideal cost effective solution for salvaging API EUE, 8rd connections with insufficient upset remaining for a thread re-cut.

Sizes: Tubing - 2.375" to 4.5" - For additional sizes not listed, contact Hunting Energy Services.

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