Aberdeen - Badentoy (HQ)

About The Facility

Hunting's site at Badentoy was originally obtained in 1992 after moving from Altens in Aberdeen. Traditionally, it accommodated the OCTG side of the business however with a strong period of acquisition, Badentoy was significantly expanded during 2011 to create a central hub to service the North Sea offering perforating and logging equipment, PCE, thru-tubing, wireline and e-line.

The office was extended to 3000 sqm and the machine shop stretching 7500 sqm allowing Hunting to operate round the clock to ensure the customer expectations are met to the highest of standards.

Facility Certification

API Spec Q1
• API Spec 5CT
• API Spec 7-1
API Spec 6A
• ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
• ISO 45001:2018

Products / Services / Facility Capabilities

Subsea (Sales)
Hydraulic Couplings / Chemical Injection System / Specialty Valves / Weldment Services
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Titan (Sales)
Wireline Hardware and Accessories / Logging Instruments / Perforating Guns, Setting Tools and Hardware / TCP Firing Heads and Hardware / Energetics / Wireline Selective Firing Systems
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Manufacturing (Sales & Manufacture)
Completion Accessories / Premium Threading Services / OEM Well Intervention Manufacturing / Print Part Manufacturing
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OCTG (Sales & Manufacture)
Casing and Tubing / Hunting Clear-Run®
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Connection Technology (Sales & Manufacture)
Integral Joint Tubing / Threaded and Coupled / Flush and Semi-Flush / Semi Premium / Fox Connections / JFEBEAR Connections / Hunting Blanking Dimensions / Annual Pressure Release System / Hunting Drawings and Revisions
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Well Intervention (Sales, Manufacture & Rental)
Pressure Control Equipment / Slickline Tools / Thru-Tubing Technology / Mechanical Plant / E-Line
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Facility Capabilities
• Manufacture of wireline surface pressure control equipment, wireline & coiled tubing tools
• Three world class pressure test bays allowing rigorous testing & development
• Manufacture of threaded accessories (Premium end finishing, 2-3/8" - 20")

Facility Details

Hunting Energy Services International
Badentoy Avenue
Badentoy Industrial Park

AB12 4YB
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1224 787000
Fax: +44 (0)1224 787100

Products & Services

Regional HQ
Connection Technology
Well Intervention

Facility Size

22000 m2