Titanium Stress Joints

Hunting Subsea Technologies' best in class TSJs offer unmatched reliability, performance and corrosion resistance - resulting in lower lifecycle costs and no downtime. When you need durable, flexible, lightweight and long - lasting connections, TSJs are the superior solution for subsea operations.

For more than a century, Hunting has been creating breakthrough products that shape industries. Through the ingenuity of our people and cutting - edge advanced manufacturing techniques, we these products at a quality and efficiency that ensures customer success.

Highly Durable & Reliable

• Resilient to high temperatures, high pressure and sour service conditions
• Cost - effective across entire range of SCR
• Outstanding fatigue life
• Resistant to stiffness changes associated with temperature and load frequency
• Immune to aging and gas absorption; no explosive decompression
• Exceptional corrosion resistance for a longer product lifecycle and no downtime concern
• Maintenance - free for long term, backend savings, including 20 years of continuous service without an operational failure ever
• Readily available inhibitors for HF and other chemical exposure
• Hunting Subsea Technologies' also manufactures Steel Stress Joints

Adaptable and Flexible

• Approved in major design codes for structures, equipment and other mission-critical applications requiring a strong, ductile metal
• Easy installation with no depth limit to wet parking and no additional requirements or adapters
• API-RP-2RD stress design rules apply directly, no rubber laminates
• Uses common manufacturing and NDE methods (monolithic mental structure)
• Lighter weight and safer to handle offshore improve CAPEX and OPEX

Scope & Supply

TSJs have three primary interface points:
• Platform pipe above
• Riser pipe below
• Bushing for riser hang off

The upper platform interface is a weld allowing flanged or diverless connectors. At the lower riser interface Hunting Subsea Technologies can supply fatigue-rated girth welds and a hang-off collar attached to customer supplied riser pipe.  


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