Hunting H-2 Perforating System Sets Wireline Pump Down Record

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Hunting’s H-2 Perforating SystemTM has set a record for number of multiple-shot perforating guns pumped down into a horizontal well on wireline.


On previous wells before H-2 became available, the operator had to make two separate runs to complete a stage with 45 guns due to length restrictions.



In a recent Delaware Basin field trial with a major U.S. land operator, the H-2 Perforating System was utilized to successfully run 45 perforating guns, each with three shots on a single plane, in conjunction with a plug in a single run.


As the shortest perforating gun on the market (7.5-inches), the H-2 system allows more than double the number of guns per run compared to conventional perforating systems. The patent pending H-2 Perforating System is available in 3⅛-in. outer diameter and capable of shooting three shots on a single-plane in 4½-in. or 5½ -in. casing.




The field trials were successful with over 200 H-2 perforating guns run on multiple wells. Stimulation performance resulting from conventional perforating gun runs were compared to that of H-2 perforating gun runs on the same wells. In all cases, running H-2 with EQUAfrac® consistent hole shaped charges on the same plane resulted in equal fluid distribution through more entry holes per stage. This method reduced the required stimulation treatment pressure compared to stages utilizing conventional perforating systems. Reduction in treatment pressure ranged from 600 to 1500 psi lower when stimulating H-2 stages, providing significant savings to the operator.



Not only is the H-2 system the shortest perforating system on the market, it is also a completely plug and play system utilizing the H-2 charge puck and ControlFire® cartridge technology, eliminating arming subs, wire connections, and detonating cord. This state-of-the-art technology provides the most efficient gun loading, arming, and assembly processes whether in the facility or in the field.