Segmented Bond Tools


The Segmented Cement Bonding Tool (SBT)is a new type cement bond logging tool. The tool divides casing, cement annulus and formation into six segments. The sensors are pushed against well wall for measurement to achieve high accuracy, unaffected by casing fouling, micro annulus, fast formation and mud property change. Cement image accurately reflects detailed cement groove and void.  

The VDL is at the bottom of the tool string, acquiring full wave train and analyzing cement bond between the formation and cement annulus.

The CCL and GRT correct depth, providing accurate depth information for acoustic signal.

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The D-RIB® combines Titan's proven cement bond multiple receiver evaluation technology with a high speed digital data acquisition and telemetry system...

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Titan’s Radial Incremented Bond (RIB) tools provide the conventional CBL-VDL receivers plus additional directional radial receivers.

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