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Titan manufactures 3-1/8in (79mm) and 4in (102mm) unscalloped economical gun systems. They can accommodate super deep penetrating (SDP), good hole (GH) and big hole (BH) shaped charges including the latest PerfECTA® family of charges. Click here for more information on PerfECTA charges.

All Titan gun systems can be conveyed on wireline, slickline, TCP or coiled tubing utilizing the appropriate firing heads.

GunFacts® provides all the information you need to determine the optimal gun system for each perforating job.

Information for each gun system is conveniently displayed on a single page allowing quick and convenient reference to compatibile firing systems, type of detonating cord, O-Ring sizes, assembly part numbers, hardware specifications, shaped charge compatibilty and API-19B and RP-43 charge performance tests.

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