ControlFire® Software

 ControlFire® PU8 Software

The ControlFire On the Fly® Software is the user interface when implementing the ControlFire switch system. Requires Microsoft Windows XP/7 or greater.
(Last update March 26, 2019)

  • Added support for EFI switches
  • Updated the Create Tool String dialog to no longer show a warning when two consecutive, identical IDs are detected in the string
  • Added the ability to minimize the Main screen while the Gun Control screen is open. All the other functionalities in the Main screen are grayed out until Gun Control is closed
  • The W/L PS settings in the Default job folder and the Delta Current Limit for regular switches are automatically updated to the latest default values when ControlFire first starts
  • Updated the Gun Control screen to display the current switch ID and position after a successful Gun Check or Skip. Additionally, when the Warrior depth is enabled and a valid Gun Sheet is provided, the Stop Depth is shown next to the Warrior depth
  • Updated the Gun Control screen to disable On-the-Fly when the Communication  voltage is greater than 45
  • “Plug” is the only type that is available in the Create Tool String dialog for all setting tools. The “H-1 Plug” type is no longer listed as an available plug type. Additionally, when a Gun Check detects a Plug that has already been set, it shows the message: “Plug switch found”.

The ControlFire® software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or greater to install correctly. If, while installing the ControlFire Software, you get a message stating that you do not have the correct version of .NET Framework, click here to download and install .NET Framework 4.0.

Note: The “Shooting Power Supply Software” and “Titan Bootloader Software” are now embedded within the ControlFire® Software.


Previous ControlFire® Software Versions

Previous ControlFire Software versions should only be used when recommended by technical support or if installation of later versions has failed.


ControlFire® Demo Software

The ControlFire® Demo Software is a training tool and it showcases the core features of the ControlFire Software. No hardware (besides a PC) is required to run the software such as a PCCP, a Hunting SPS and switches.  


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