ControlFire® Software

 ControlFire® PU8 Software

The ControlFire On the Fly® Software is the user interface when implementing the ControlFire switch system. Requires Microsoft Windows XP/7 or greater.
(Last update September 2020)

Version 8.7549 (September 1, 2020) Updates

  • Added support for V2 and V3 switches
  • Added support for PowerSet Solo/Select Plugs
  • Added support for V2 Ballistic Release tools
  • Added option to specify the Firing Duration for each switch in the tool string
  • Added option to set the Firing Duration to 120 sec for V2 switches
  • Added new Perf board firmware v.6.3. Software discovers older versions and offers to update
  • Added ability to seamlessly acquire data from the Shooting PS if the COM port is lost while shooting a switch
  • Updated command sequences to optimize communication performance
  • Shooting PS log data is stored to the Job folder to facilitate correlation with tool string. A mirror copy of the Shooting PS log data is also recorded to the VIPlots folder
  • Access to the Gun Control screen is denied if option Mandatory Stop Depth is enabled and the Warrior software is not configured
  • Added the option to specify a custom logo in the Gun Sheet 
  • Simplified the GUI layout of the Setup-Up and History screens

The ControlFire® software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or greater to install correctly. If, while installing the ControlFire Software, you get a message stating that you do not have the correct version of .NET Framework, click here to download and install .NET Framework 4.0.

Note: The “Shooting Power Supply Software” and “Titan Bootloader Software” are now embedded within the ControlFire® Software.


Previous ControlFire® Software Versions

Previous ControlFire Software versions should only be used when recommended by technical support or if installation of later versions has failed.


ControlFire® Demo Software

The ControlFire® Demo Software is a training tool and it showcases the core features of the ControlFire Software. No hardware (besides a PC) is required to run the software such as a PCCP, a Hunting SPS and switches.  


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