Coiled Tubing Pressure Control Equipment

Hunting’s Coiled Tubing BOP provides wellbore isolation, protection against blow-outs and secures the well in an emergency.  The balanced piston design system reduces closure time.(More)

The Hunting In-Situ Pressure Test Sub was originally designed to reduce time spent pressure testing the broken lubricator connection after tool changes.

The Hunting Single or Dual Coiled Tubing Stripper is designed to seal around coiled tubing as it is stripped in and out of the well bore at max working pressures of 15,000 psi and temperatures between -29C to +121C. More

Introducing the Ezi-Shear Seal HD (ESSV HD), a shear and seal valve which delivers improved operational safety, reliability and well integrity during coiled tubing operations. More

Hunting Lubricator and Riser sections are designed to act as a chamber for deploying wireline tools into the well whilst under pressure.