Wireline Valve Ram Configurations

Hunting supply WLVs with various ram configurations to best suit the operational needs of the client.

The inner seals can be blind for slick line operations, cable sized for stranded line operations with profile to match line from 3/16" up to 15/32" or multiline type where the inner seal can be used across a range of slickline or stranded cables. Below are descriptions of the rams we regularly provide.

Universal Rams:

Designed for use when using Slickline, Cable sized or Multiline Type inner seals along with the correct wire guide.

X-Type Rams:

This ram type is recommended for use with with 5-1/8" through to 9" wireline valves. The design was developed to eliminate the difficulties in sealing against broken in wire in large welders. The design ensures that the line will be centralised in the profile with no damage.

Shear Seal Rams:

Shear seal rams are all fitted with blind inner seals to create a barrier with no line present. The cutting blades will cut all lines up to 15/32".

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