Camco JU Series Pulling Tool

The Camco ‘JU’ series pulling tool is designed to engage external fishing necks on Sub-surface devices within the well-bore.

Camco ‘JU’ series pulling tools are available with various core lengths to permit retrieval of sub-surface devices with variable length fishing necks.

‘JU’ series pulling tools are categorised for easy reference; the first letter (J) indicates the pulling tool series, the second letter (U) indicates that upward jarring is required to shear the pin and release the tool. The third letter designates the effective reach, which depends upon the core length:

• “C” being a long core, short reach
• “S” being an intermediate core, medium reach
• “L” being a short core, long reach

Any letter or number following the first three letters indicates a variation of one or more of the following specifications: maximum OD, core length and pin thread connection.

Most ‘JU’ series pulling tool cores are threaded to receive a prong, probe, or shank.

The ‘JU’ series of pulling tools includes the following models:
• JUS-2
• JUC-2

JUC, JUC-U, JUC-2 and JUC-TD pulling tools have long cores. JUC-U pulling tools have slightly smaller maximum OD while the JUC-2 type has larger pin threaded connections than the JUC.

The 2” JUC-2 also features a bell skirt, which increases the maximum OD in addition to having a larger pin thread connection.

Even though JUC-U and JUC-TD tools have reduced maximum OD’s, these still require the same minimum working ID for pulling dog extension, as do JUC pulling tools of the same size.

JUS and JUS-2 pulling tools have medium length cores. The JUS-2 pulling tools have larger pin thread connections than JUS pulling tools of the same size.

All JUL pulling tools have short cores.

Hunting ‘JU’ Series Pulling Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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