Camco OK Series Kick Over Tool

Camco ‘OK’ series kickover tools are used to install 1” OD side pocket subsurface control devices into Camco KBG and KBMG series side pocket mandrels, or to retrieve those devices as required. These tools must be used with either a running or a pulling tool.

Especially suited for use in highly deviated wells, the OK kickover tool consists of a fishing neck with a threaded pin connection on the upper end, a locating finger, kick springs, an arm assembly with a box thread connection on the lower end for attachment to a running or pulling tool and an arm housing with a nose on the lower end.

An upward movement of the tool in the side pocket mandrel will position the locating finger in the mandrel orienting sleeve and rotate the tool into alignment with the mandrel pocket. The kick springs then pivot the arm to kick the attached running tool and control device or pulling tool outward, directly above the mandrel pocket. The arm housing protects the arm and attached devices during installation and retrieval. These tools do not incorporate a knuckle joint, but a knuckle joint is recommended to be run directly above the KOT tool.

The OK series of kickover tools includes the following models:

• UK-5
• OK-1
• OK-5 *
• OK-6

All the OK series tools share the same basic features. However, some differences exist between different models, as follows:

UK-5 kickover tools have a reduced OD for use in reduced ID side pocket mandrels.

UK-5, OK-5 and OK-6 kickover tools can be re-pinned without disassembly and feature stainless steel arm assemblies.

The OK-1 kickover tool requires minimal disassembly to re-pin between runs.

Hunting ‘OK’ Series Kickover Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

* = OK-5 KOT is not supplied by Hunting. A variant of the OK-5 can be supplied by removing the centralizer from an OK-6 KOT

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