Camco PRS Series Pulling Tool

Camco ‘PRS’ series pulling tools are wireline service tools that are used to retrieve sub-surface devices with internal fishing necks.

The PRS pulling tool consists of a fishing neck with threaded pin connection on the top, an inner mandrel, a collet, a collet core and either a core spring (PRS-2 and PRS-3) or a ratchet assembly (PRS).

The PRS is designed for use only with Camco DB series locks.

The PRS-2 is used with Camco C series lock system (with internal fishing necks) and the PRS-3 is designed to retrieve Otis® D collar locks.

The Camco PRS pulling tool has a jar down to release feature and a collet to hold the tool in the release position.

Camco PRS-2 and PRS-3 pulling tools can be jar up or jar down to shear depending on how these are assembled. These feature a spring to hold the tool in the release position once the pin is sheared.

Hunting ‘PRS’ Series Pulling Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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