Camco Type C Shifting Tool

Camco Type ‘C’ shifting tools are wireline service tools used to shift the inner sleeve of a Camco sliding sleeve.

The Type C shifting tool consists of a housing with a fishing neck and a threaded pin connection on each end and spring loaded locating keys.

The tool is designed to locate itself automatically in the shifting profile of the inner sleeve and can be used to either open or close the sleeve depending on the shifting tool orientation.

After a sliding sleeve has been opened and the tool string is back on surface, the tool can be inverted and ran back to the sleeve. Once the profile has been located, the sleeve can be closed.

Should the inner sleeve not fully travel allowing an automatic release, the Camco Type C shifting tools also feature an emergency shear release. This will allow the locating keys to collapse and release from the shifting profile.

Hunting Type ‘C’ Shifting Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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