Camco W Series Running Tool

Camco ‘W’ series running tools are wireline service tools used to install Camco M series selective locks and attached subsurface control devices in the appropriate Camco W series selective landing nipples.

The tool consists of a fishing neck with a threaded pin connection on the upper end, a setting rod, spring loaded locating dogs, an arming mechanism (pawls or a collet), a core and a skirt housing on the lower end which is attached to the appropriate lock with shear pins.

The design of the W series running tool provides complete selectivity at any depth or in any position. The tool’s arming mechanism is triggered only by upward movement through the chosen selective nipple, which releases the spring-loaded dogs and allows them to expand.

A downward movement of the tool string then locates the running tool and attached subsurface control device in the selected nipple, after which downward jarring will set the lock. Upward jarring will release the running tool from the lock. W series running tools are internally threaded to receive a prong for equalizing operations.

The series of W running tools includes the following models:

• W-1
• WC-1T

All three running tools have similar design features. However, some specific differences exist between different models, as follows:

W-1 running tools use pawls as an arming mechanism while WC-1T and WC-1T-MA running tools have collets.

WC-1T and WC-1T-MA running tools feature a ‘tell-tale’ device which provides a positive indication that the lock has been set.

W-1 and WC-1T-MA running tools, in addition to being used for installing M series locks and attached subsurface control devices, can also be used to install M series locks attached to Camco A series blanking plugs.

The 2 1/2” WC-1T-MA, which has a core extension, must have the extension removed before installing an M series lock and the attached A series blanking plug.

Hunting ‘W’ Series Running Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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