Camco Z-5 Series Running Tool

Camco ‘Z-5’ series running tools are wireline service tools that are used to install Camco Z-5 collar locks in the collar recesses of the tubing string.

The Z-5 series running tool consists of a fishing neck with a threaded pin connection on the upper end, an upper adapter, an inner mandrel, a ratchet assembly, a running prong and a skirt housing on the lower end which is attached to the appropriate collar lock with shear pins.

The running prong, used to set the lock, is attached to the collar lock’s inner sleeve with shear pins. Upward jarring will set the collar lock, causing the ratchet to capture the inner mandrel and running prong assembly so that downward motion cannot unset the lock. Continued upward jarring will subsequently release the prong and the skirt housing from the collar lock.

Hunting ‘Z-5’ Series Running Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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