Camco Z-6 Series Running Tool

Camco ‘Z-6’ running tools are used to install Camco DB series locks and attached subsurface control devices in Camco 4” to 7” No-Go landing nipples with DB profiles.

The Z-6 series running tool consists of a fishing neck with a threaded pin connection on the upper end, a plunger, a plunger ring, a lock pin retainer and a garter spring. The lock pin retainer provides a means of keeping the shear pin remnants in the Z-6, which has an internal thread where hollow prongs can be fitted for equalising operations.

The garter spring serves as a ‘tell tale’ device to provide a positive indication that the lock has been set correctly.

The lock is attached to the Z-6 Running Tool plunger and plunger ring with shear pins. There are two sets of pins on the Z-6, the lower pins are for setting the device and shear during the jarring down process. The upper pins permit an over-pull to be taken to confirm correct

Hunting ‘Z-6’ Series Running Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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