Flopetrol Rotary Wireline Cutters

A wireline cutter is required when a slickline or braided wireline must be cut in the well. The Flopetrol cutter is attached over the wire, dropped from surface, cutting the wire and retrieving the wire and cutter.

The Standard cutter is run as a standalone tool. When the cutter nose strikes the rope socket of the stuck tool, the impact shears a pin, cutting the wire by a rotational knife. A taper key is simultaneously wedged against the wire to recover the cutter.

The Interface version requires a Go-Devil weight to be dropped after the cutter to create the shear force impact.

The Flopetrol wireline cutter can be supplied in either Standard or Interface models to sever slickline or braided cables.

The Flopetrol cable cutter has the following advantages:

• No risk of accidental cutting at an interface
• Will not cut against the tubing
• A clean cut by shearing is obtained even with regular use over a long period, due to the special knife shape wire is cut short near to the rope socket: 1 in (25 mm) for the Slickline model, 2 in (50mm) for the braided line model cutting force is provided by the cutter’s own momentum rather than an
• Wire cutting and retrieval of the wire and cutter are carried out in one operation.

Slickline Part Number - M-802709

Braided Line Part Number - M-802721

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