Flopetrol Self-Releasing Spear

The Flopetrol self-releasing spear is used to fish a wireline tool with a damaged fi shing neck, or a cylindrical tool without any internal fishing neck.

The more tension applied on the spear, the tighter the force of the slips on the item being fi shed. If the fi sh cannot be retrieved, the overshot is released by jarring down.

The Flopetrol self-releasing spear has:

• One body for 2 3/8” to 4” tubing, one for 4 1/2” and larger tubing sizes
• One slip element per tubing size, to suit the specifi c fi shing neck
• One cone shaped core per tubing size
• One body adapter per tubing size

Part Number M-832187

Hunting Self-Releasing Spears are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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