Flopetrol Upstroke Jar

Upstroke jars are used for jarring upwards during wireline pulling operations. The advantage of using an upstroke jar as compared to a hydraulic jar, is that it is fully mechanical and has no seals, permitting its use in gas wells.

The Flopetrol upstroke jar incorporates a ball locking mechanism and a compression spring tensioning system. The central shaft is abruptly unlocked when the compression force of the spring is reached, so delivering an upward jarring impact to the tool string.

Different tension rated springs are fi tted to give optimum performance depending on the depth in the well.

Jarring is brought about by pulling steadily on the wireline, without acceleration. When the wireline is insuffi ciently elastic (for instance, at or near the surface) a stretch simulator should be placed in the tool string to prevent wire damage.

1 1/2” Jar Part Number – M-809695

2 1/8” Jar Part Number – M-810373

Hunting Upstroke Jars are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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