OTIS A Type Tubing Perforator Punch

The Otis Tubing Perforator Punch is a mechanical device, designed to perforate standard and heavy wall tubing, under pressure. Deployed into the well by conventional means, the perforator punch requires no explosives, eliminating the possibility of perforating the casing.

The design benefits include:

• Greater tubing penetration
• Positive indication of perforation on tool removal
• Safety release mechanism, allowing the tool to be retrieved from the well without perforating
• The perforator is designed to withdraw the punch and release automatically after perforating
• Utilises upward jarring impacts for perforation action

The perforator is used in conjunction with a tubing collar stop or slip type stop which provides an anchor to allow upward jarring, activating the perforator

When ordering please specify tubing size, weight and grade.

Hunting ‘A’ Type Tubing Perforators are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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