Otis B Positioning Shifting Tools

The Otis B positioning (shifting) tool is designed to move the inner sleeve to an open or closed position in the type XA, RA, XO and XD Otis sliding side doors.

The positioning tool engages the recess in the upper (or lower) end of the sleeve to permit the sleeve to be shifted by a jarring action. The tool is designed to release itself only after the sleeve reaches its fully open or closed position. This automatic releasing feature incorporates a releasing profile on the key itself and acts to compress the key spring and release the positioning tool.

In the event that the sleeve does not move its full travel (no contact allowing the profile to release the positioning tool) there is a shear pin that permits the keys to collapse into the end sub.

Selective keys are available, which do not incorporate the release profile and rely solely on the shear pin as the release mechanism. These are used on completions with multiple XA or RA sliding sleeves when there is a need to open a lower sleeve without disturbing sleeves above.

Caution: The Otis B positioning tool will not pass through a Position 1#, type S landing nipple.

Hunting ‘B’ Positioning (Shifting) Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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