Otis BO Downshift Selectable Positioning Tool

Otis 142BO selective positioning tools are designed to selectively shift the inner sleeve of a sliding side door circulating device into the down position only.

These tools are designed for tubing strings with multiple sliding side door devices of the same size so that a lower sleeve can be shifted into the down position without shifting any other sleeves in the tubing string above.

This tool incorporates a selective control mechanism similar in design to those used on Otis X and R line running tools.

The keys are held in a retracted position allowing the tool to pass through sliding side doors without locating the sleeve. Upon reaching the sliding side door to be opened, the tool is run through the sleeve then pulled back through slowly. This movement allows the locating dogs to change the positioning tool into the non-selective mode where the control keys are exposed. After sitting back down into the sleeve, downward jarring will move the sleeve into the open position.

Once the sleeve has moved to its fully open position, the tool is automatically released. The tool can then be raised to the next sliding side door device to position its inner sleeve down or returned to the surface.

Hunting ‘B’ Positioning (Shifting) Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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