Otis GS Pulling Tool

The Otis GS Pulling Tool is designed to deploy and retrieve sub-surface devices with internal fishing necks.

The Otis GS pulling tool can be released from the device by ‘jarring’ down. It can be converted to a jar up to release tool (GR) by installing a GU shear up adapter. The Otis GR pulling tool is recommended where downward jarring on the sub-surface device is required before pulling.

The Otis GS pulling tool consists of a cylinder complete with top sub, inner core and spring-loaded dog set. Once the tool has been engaged in an internal fish neck, a downward jarring action will break a pin releasing the spring-loaded dog set and allowing them to move into the retract position. The body cylinder must be touching the subsurface device for this action to occur.

Larger sizes of Otis GS pulling tools have a pinning ring. The pinning ring compresses the main spring, allowing the shear pin to be installed safely. Once the shear pin has been installed, the pinning ring must be backed off and secured prior to running the device in the well-bore.

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Hunting GS Pulling Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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