Otis R Pulling Tool

The Otis R Pulling Tool is designed to engage external fi sh necks on Subsurface devices within the well-bore. Otis R pulling tools are available with four different core lengths, sized to accommodate the different reach lengths on industry standard fi shing necks.

Otis R pulling tools are categorised for easy reference; the fi rst letter designates the direction of shear release, ‘R’ being jar up to release. The second letter designates the effective reach, which depends upon the core length:

• “B” being a long core, short reach
• “S” being an intermediate core, medium reach
• “J” being a short core, long reach
• “Q” special to latch male quick connection - extra shot core


With the addition of the desired core, the tools available are:

RB, RS, RJ or RQ.

The Otis R pulling tool consists of a cylinder complete with top sub, inner core, and spring-loaded dog set. Once the tool has been engaged on an external fi shing neck, an upward jarring action will break a pin to release the spring-loaded dogs and allow the tool to be retrieved. Jarring down does not shear the release pin.

Otis R pulling tools are available in various sizes. They are supplied with industry standard pin connections complete with fi shing necks.

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Hunting R Pulling Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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