Otis RXN Running Tool

The Otis RXN Running Tools set type X®, XN®, R®, RN®, RPT® and RQ Otis Lock
Mandrels in the top type X, XN, R, RN and RQ Otis Landing Nipples.

This tool is generally used for installing wireline retrievable safety valves in the uppermost
landing nipple.

The Otis RXN running tool allows the lock mandrel to be deployed with its keys set either
in control (keys retracted) or location (keys out) position.

Otis RXN running tools are fitted with a tell-tale snap ring and can be fitted with an upper
shear pin as required. Both items will provide the operator with a positive indication that
the lock mandrel has been set correctly.

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Hunting RXN Running Tools are available with various connections to suit customer requirements

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