Rope Socket Pear Drop Type

The Pear Drop Rope Sockets are used to attach the Slickline cable to the tool string and can be used with Slickline sizes from 0.092” to 0.160”.

The Rope Socket assembly consists of a body with an external fishing neck, sleeve and a brass “Pear Drop’ wedge which is grooved to accommodate the wire and comes complete with a securing grub screw.

For confidence that the rope socket has been set correctly Hunting, recommends that the ExCro Wire Tester is used to maximize confidence in the completed Rope Socket assembly.

Technical information on the ExCro tester is available upon request.

The Hunting Wire Ductility Tester 349-0004-000-XXX (XXX = wire size) can be used to verify the condition of a sample length of carbon steel, alloy or stainless-steel Slickline.

Hunting Pear Drop Rope Sockets are available in all common industry toolstring sizes and are manufactured with either sucker rod or integral quick connections as per customer requirements

Pear drop rope sockets must be ordered to suit the wire size in use.

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