Rope Socket Swabline Type

  • • 50% and 90% cutting slips

  • • Allows the operator to recover cable in a fishing scenario.


• 50% and 90% cutting slips


• Allows the operator to recover cable in a fishing scenario.

Slip type and Clamp type are available for these Rope Sockets.

The Slip Type Rope Sockets are designed to cut the cable internally leaving a clean fishing neck should the tool string become stuck in the well. An overpull can be applied and the slips cut the cable under excessive loading at a precise percentage of the cable’s tensile strength. Standard 50% to 90%* cutting slips are available.

The Rope Socket can be ordered without the cut slips to be used as a conventional clamp type Rope Socket.

For confidence that the rope socket has been set correctly, Hunting advises that the ExCro tester is used to minimize exposure to a rope socket failure.

Technical on the ExCro tester is available at request.

Hunting Braided/Swab Line rope socket are available in all common industry tool string sizes and are manufactured with either sucker rod or integral quick connections as per customer requirements

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